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October 26, 2017

Correspondence: Sarah Hay, Kindergarten Teacher

Act With Respect Always - Tanglewood Elementary School

“Hello, Mr. Johns! I was so glad to meet you as well!

I LOVE the picture!!! Thank you! I also appreciate you helping my daughter, Aubrey, create a special memory. She loves her shirt too!

making a difference star fish awardRegarding the Starfish Story, I received the books yesterday afternoon and distributed them to my colleagues today. I will also forward the original story. My class is enjoying the “Starfish” trophy. I am letting them choose who it goes to next and they are really putting thought into who they are choosing (based on that person’s actions). It’s a great visual reminder to think about how we treat others and conduct ourselves.

I hope you are well and look forward to seeing future presentations.

Thank you!
Sarah Hay”

Kindergarten Teacher
Tanglewood Elementary School
South Glens Falls, NY