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December 18, 2014

Correspondence: Richard Keys, Queensbury Middle School

Richard Keys, School Principal“As the principal of Queensbury Middle School, I feel we are very fortunate to have had Mr. Rich Johns speak with our students, faculty and parents.”

“Coach Johns’ message, Act with Respect Always, is applicable in so many ways for both students and adults in our community. He has packaged his life experiences and the stories of others into a presentation that can be tailored to fit any constituent group. I have seen him speak six times, and his stories and reflections resonate with everyone who attends. He addresses civility, citizenship, empathy, value systems, and the need to develop a true sense of community to assist all of us in being better students, parents, teachers, administrators, and spouses.”

“Most of all, Coach Johns makes the mission of acting and treating others with respect tangible. In describing the 99% that makes up your inside versus the 1% that you are able to show on the outside, he helps listeners develop a baseline of what the perfect day would look like. Children and adults alike learn how to measure their success by looking back on the decisions they made about how to treat others and how to maintain their belief systems when pressed to make tough choices. This is a powerful tool for self-assessment at any stage of your life. For our students, asking, “What’s your 99% today?” has created a culture of self-reflection where they reflect on what it means to be a better person who makes better choices.”

“The banners, books, wristbands, and other resources that Coach Johns provided our school will assist us in sustaining the mission of Act with Respect Always. Thank you Coach Johns.”

Richard Keys
Queensbury Middle School