"I Act With Respect"

A spotlight of inviduals from schools, communities, and from around the world who have taken it upon themselves to "pay it forward" as AWRA Ambassadors. They are vital role models in our society, we humbly thank you, and respect you!

Michelle Teich

"The Act With Respect Always mission has made me grow as a leader by standing up for others."

My name is Michelle Teich and I am a senior at Webster Schroeder (NY) High School. I’m involved in AAU and school basketball. I also enjoy tennis, golf, and running. I participate in social and community service clubs such as Rotary Club and Student Council. I love to spend my time outside, travel, and meet new people.

How did you meet Coach Rich Johns?
My grandparents live in Saratoga and we spend a lot of time there. I met Coach Rich Johns through my grandparents and he has been a good family friend of mine my whole life.

How did you hear about Act With Respect Always?
Mr. Johns has always lived the Act With Respect Always mission, even before he started the program, so it didn’t surprise me when he told me about his idea. He made another step in making the world a better place by being proactive and spreading his mission to everyone so they could understand the importance of respect.

How has the Act With Respect Alway mission effected you personally?
The Act With Respect Always mission has made me grow as a leader by standing up for others. It has also helped me spread more kindness and made me realize that it is okay to be different. It helped me understand the importance of diversity, but uniting as one body. When traveling to many different schools for sports, I am happy to see an Act With Respect Always sign because it makes me proud that Mr. Johns’ message is spreading throughout my community.

Please share with us how you have, or will in the future “Pay it Forward”
I always try to make everyone feel included and I try to do random acts of kindness every day to make someone smile. I enjoy volunteering with several different groups including my church Mission Week camp, a local nursing home, and helping people with disabilities.

How would you describe the Act With Respect Always mission to others?
I believe that the Act With Respect Always mission is to treat each other with kindness and respect all the time. It’s about the random acts of kindness that will put a smile on someone’s face that is important. It’s about saying hello to a person, whether you know them or not, and wishing them a good day. It’s about setting a good example for everyone and showing people what respect really means. It’s about sportsmanship and ethics. Most importantly, it is about being the best person you can be.

Would you recommend Rich to speak about Respect to others?
Yes, I would totally recommend Coach Johns to speak about his mission everywhere! He is passionate, outgoing, and has a very positive outlook on life. He is always giving his time and talent to others, all while spreading kindness. He is an inspirational public speaker and a great role model.

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